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Flange Angle Seat Valve
() Flange Angle Seat Valve

Categories: Pneumatic Angle Seat Valve

Flange Angle Seat Valve Specifications

1.Longer service life
2.Easy to install
3.Compact design
4.No return springdouble acting actuators

1. Working pressure: 0 --16bar

2. Medium Temperature: -10 ~ 180

3.Environmental Temperature:-10--60
4. Connection type: Female thread,

5. Valve body: 304 or 316 stainless steel

6.Manufacturing standard:GB,ISOI,DIN

2. Through flow, low fluid resistance
3. Light weight, low volume
4.Piston type air-operated valve
5. Open / close air source pipeline to control main valve
6. Easy to install, with infinitely rotatable actuator
7. With pilot air pressure, zero leakage, long service life
8. Optional anti-water-hammer function 

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